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Welcome Battle of the Books


Congratulations to the following FBLA Members who placed in the Top 3 in the State of North Carolina: 1st Place: Dakota G, Computer Slide Show; 2nd Place: Lexie F, Career Exploration; Arianna P and Yasmin M, Crime Prevention Project; and 3rd Place: Nathan W, Parliamentary Procedures; Top 10 in the Competitive Event Testing in the State:Ellie Q. - Business Communication; Hayes K. and Emma Kate S. - Business Concepts; Ella C. - Career Exploration; Sylvia D, Mackenzie S, and Diego O. - FBLA Creed; Karina M. - Introduction to Buisness Communications; Bryson N. and Lane S. - Parliamentary Procedures; Madison G. and Mattie H. - Public Speaking; Sam D. - Spreadsheets; Top 10 in Recognition Testing at States in the following:; Digital Literacy; Dakota G, Diego O, and Lane S.; Parliamentary Procedures:;Nathan W.; Personal Finance:;Top 10 Percent in Digital Literacy;Sarah B;Ella C; Simone D; Gracie D; Sam D; Lexie F; Madison G; Dakota G; Kelly H; Nate H; Mattie H; Bailey K; Hayes K; Matthew L; Karina M; Bryson N; Waverly N; Jeremiah N; Diego O; Ellie Q; Hannah R; MacKenzie S; Emma Kate S; Lane S; Ariitaimai T; Shelby W; Nathan W Top 10 Percent in Parliamentary Procedures; Nathan W.Top 10 Percent in Personal Finance; Sarah B; Ella C; Gracie D; Sam D; Lexie F; Dakota G; Nate H; Matthew L; Karina M; Waverly N; Diego O; Ellie Q; Hannah R; Emma Kate S; Lane S Nathan W Diego O. Top 10 Percent in Social Media; Sarah B; Ella C; Aidan C; Gracie D; Lexie F; Dakota G; Mattie H; Matthew L; Shelby W ! Math 1 Eastern Regional: 1st Place Overall Team and First Place Middle School-- along with Ellie J- 1st Place Individual, Marianna A- 4th Place Individual, Ally K- 5th Place Individual; ALL three girls advance to the state "Math 1" finals on April 30th at Fayetteville State University! Mrs. Mercer's 4th Core came in First Place in TeenBiz3000 for having the Most Points! Congratulations to our Carteret County Art Show Winners of the Excellence in Visual Arts: 8th- Sierra D., 6th- Sam W., and Zachary L.! Congratulations to the Carteret County Quiz Bowl Champs, coached by Mrs. Johnston with team members: 8th Grade - Jonathan B, Hannah D, Sam D, Ellie J, Allison K, J.P. M, Declan M, Krishan P, Madison S, Molly W, Jakob W. 7th Grade - C.J. B, Casey D, Quinn F, Victoria J. 6th Grade - Madison G, Karina M, Nathan W. Carteret County School's 1st Place Battle of the Books Team is BCMS coached by Mrs. Batson and assisted by Mrs. Peacock; Team Members are: 8th grade: Marianna A, Bethany L, Stephen R, Bailey T, 7th grade: Ashley B, Casey D, Lane N, and 6th grade: Dakota G, Jaylin H, Emily M--Way to go Bulldogs!

BCMS Virtual Tour

Would you like to the join the National Junior Honor Society for 2015-2016?

Please download the Membership Packet so you can return the completed copy to Mrs. Young or Mrs. Peacock by May 6th at 3pm!   

Mrs. Blackwell Receives Grant from the Swansboro Area Development Foundation, Inc.

Mrs. Blackwell Receives Grant from the Swansboro Area Development Foundation, 

Second 9 Weeks Principal's List

6th Grade

Molly A, Caroline B, AnnMarie B, Dylan B, Ella C, Yuna C, Karson C, Sara D, Joshua D, Morgen E, Anthony F, Madison G, Dakota G, Brooklynn G, Madison G, Caroline H, Jaylin H, Logan H, Emily H, Joseph K, Aidan K, Lauren K, Caity L, Charlotte L, Joseph L, Ryan L,  Karina M, Anthony M, Matthew M, Connor McD, Neal M, Andrew M, Lillian M,  Luke M, Yasmin M, Elanore N, Eric N, Maria P, Lauren R, Emma S, Massi S, Quin S, Bethany S, Devon S, Max T, Madison T, Jack T, Luke W, Shelby W, Nathan W, Samuel W, Daniel W, Caleb W, Lindsey W

7th Grade

Loujane A, Grace B, Ashley B, Alena B, Max B, Grace B, Ginnie C, Avery C, Gracie D’A, Casey D, Christina F, Cailyn F,  Lexie F, Quinn F, Ella H, Laura H, Sean H, Genny H, Jake J, Tori J, Claire L, Colby L, Naya L, Natalie M, Savannah McA, Jack McC, Cora M, Benjamin M, Sara N, Lane N, Sam O, Ali R, William R,  Natalie S, Aidan S, Jessica S, William S, Betsy S, Ariitaimai T, Sienna V, Kira W, Jayde W, Ethan Y

8th Grade

Paige A, Marianna A, Emily A, Riley A, Noah B,  Sarah B, Kailee C, Piper C, Hannah D, Courtney D, Sam D, Max E, Gabbi E, Anna E, Dylan F, Hannah H, Tyler H, Mattie H, Donovan H,  Sara H, Ellie J, Allison K, Dominick K, Rachel L, Vincent L, Bethany L, Rose M, Madison M, Bryson N, Waverly N, Delaney P, Ellie Q, Lyndsey R, Stephen R, Abby S, Emma Kate S, Madison S, Sarah T, Charlie T, Cameron T, Molly W, Shelby W, Mark Wax, Lavinia W, Ava W, Amanda W, Charlie W, Jakob W

Second 9 Weeks Honor Roll

6th Grade

Erica A, Abigail B, Cameron B, Stephen B, Wren B, Claudia B, Emma C, Ethan C, Jack C, Kathryn C, Madison C, Nick C, Andrew C, Hayden C, Jasmine D, Delanie D, Alexander E, Mercedes F,  Aleida F, Travis G-McG, Nick G, Cayden G, Addie G, Lauren H, James H, Ty H, Dontrell H, Joshua J, Ethan J, Emily K, Matt L, Courtney L, Zachary L, Christopher L- G, Eavan L, Daysha M, Adam M, Elizabeth M, Sarah M, Daniel M, Emily M, Ryan M, Emma M, Jeremiah N, Hailey P, Arianna P, Jordyn P, Mia R, Maddie R, Jack R, Jazmyn R, Gavin R,  Tony S, Heather S, Paul S, Alisa S, Aidan S, Savanna T, Lauren T, Logan T, Hannah V,  Ashton W, Herndon W, Nadia W

7th Grade

Tabitha A, C.J. A, C.J. B, Benny B, Rachel B, Heather B, Cameron B, Jacob B, Elijah B, Eme C, Aidan C, Hunter C, Kaylee C, Lauren D, Patrick D, Ethan D, Aaron E, Haley F, Mason F, Aimee F, Bailey F, Alex G, Casey G, Walker G, Caleb G, Kelly H, Nate H, Conner H, Emerald I, Cassidy J, Mckenzie K, Michael K, Alexis L, Jonathan McC, Marianna McG, Alexa McM, Rusty M, Andrew P, Trey P,  Cless P, Payton P, Braxton P, Austin P, Bailey R, Spencer S, Ethan S, Zach S, Shelia S, Justina S, Mi Zean S, Hannah S, Michael T, Hannah T, Piper U, Shiloh W, Isaiah W, Adam W, Mariana W, Alexis W

8th Grade

Brodie A, Carter A, McKenzie B, Erin B, Kelsey B, Allie B, Ethan B, Zach B, Brennan C, Alexis C, Thomas C, Steven C, Braeden C, Ashley C, Taylor C, Dylan D’A, Sierra D, Ben D, Precious D, Heather D, Michaela D, Liz E, Jonah F, Ethan F, Justin G, Sarah G, Graham G, Kaleigh H, Sarah H, Brendan H, Hannah H, Kaitlyn H, Ryan J, Colby J, Justin J, Madison K, Brock K, Caleb L, James L, Aleksi M, Caleb McCl, JP McL, Chandler M, Ryan M, Elizabeth M, Katelynd M, Hailey N, Kara N, Skylar N, Diego O, Krishan P, Daylon P, Jasmine R, Nelson R, Chris R, Kanesha R, Jacob R, Hannah R, Garrett S, Tiffanie S, Cruz S, Ashley T, Bailey T, Cortland T, Brooklyn T, Nathan T, Michael T, Zach V, Ashley V, Charlie W, Nathan W, Ryker W, Evan W

Mission Statement

At Broad Creek Middle School our mission is to provide a safe, technologically-enriched, 21stcentury learning environment promoting respect and motivating students to learn and act responsibly.  We believe education is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community. 


 Technology Enhancing Academics & Motivation

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