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Welcome Battle of the Books
Go Bulldogs!


Our Turn to Serve! Say Thanks and Heinz will Donate to Our Troops!

Click on the link below and send a thank you to our troops; for every thank you send in, Heinz will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project!  What a great way to help honor our Veterans!

Our Turn to Serve and Say Thank You!


The volunteer training has been rescheduled for March 5th from 8am to 10am. Parents and students,make plans to attend the FBLA BINGO fundraiser at the Elks Club in Morehead City on Friday. March 13th--Doors Open at 5pm and BINGO starts at 6pm! We have great prizes donated from area business, plus lots of door prizes just for being there, along with a Bake Sale! YEARBOOKS On Sale NOW! Buy them in the Front Office for $25. Congratulations to the Quiz Bowl Team for defeating Smyrna! Congratulations to the following FBLA Regional Winners: 1st Place in Career Exploration: Ella C. 1st Place FBLA Creed: Mackenzie S. 1st Place in Public Speaking: Mattie H. 2nd Place in Career Exploration: Lexie F. 2nd Place in FBLA Creed: Sylvia D. 2nd Place in Public Speaking: Madison G. 3rd Place in FBLA Creed: Diego O. 3rd Place in Introduction to Business Communication: Karina M, aand Business Math: Eric N! Way to go BULLDOGS! Please give your Box Tops and Campbell's Soup Labels to your homeroom teachers! Our Band Director, Mr.Self, will receive the American School Band Director Association (ASBDA) Encore Award which recognizes outstanding band directors with less than seven years of experience in the profession. Please email or bring in a baby picture to the Media Center; it will be scanned and returned to you.The BCMS 2014 Lift-A-Thon raised $703.30 to help support the football team--Cameron B. was the highest donor; he collected $190.00. The top lifters were: Lewis R, Chandler M, Nathan W, Noah B, and Thomas C.

BCMS Virtual Tour

Second 9 Weeks Principal's List

6th Grade

Molly A, Caroline B, AnnMarie B, Dylan B, Ella C, Yuna C, Karson C, Sara D, Joshua D, Morgen E, Anthony F, Madison G, Dakota G, Brooklynn G, Madison G, Caroline H, Jaylin H, Logan H, Emily H, Joseph K, Aidan K, Lauren K, Caity L, Charlotte L, Joseph L, Ryan L,  Karina M, Anthony M, Matthew M, Connor McD, Neal M, Andrew M, Lillian M,  Luke M, Yasmin M, Elanore N, Eric N, Maria P, Lauren R, Emma S, Massi S, Quin S, Bethany S, Devon S, Max T, Madison T, Jack T, Luke W, Shelby W, Nathan W, Samuel W, Daniel W, Caleb W, Lindsey W

7th Grade

Loujane A, Grace B, Ashley B, Alena B, Max B, Grace B, Ginnie C, Avery C, Gracie D’A, Casey D, Christina F, Cailyn F,  Lexie F, Quinn F, Ella H, Laura H, Sean H, Genny H, Jake J, Tori J, Claire L, Colby L, Naya L, Natalie M, Savannah McA, Jack McC, Cora M, Benjamin M, Sara N, Lane N, Sam O, Ali R, William R,  Natalie S, Aidan S, Jessica S, William S, Betsy S, Ariitaimai T, Sienna V, Kira W, Jayde W, Ethan Y

8th Grade

Paige A, Marianna A, Emily A, Riley A, Noah B,  Sarah B, Kailee C, Piper C, Hannah D, Courtney D, Sam D, Max E, Gabbi E, Anna E, Dylan F, Hannah H, Tyler H, Mattie H, Donovan H,  Sara H, Ellie J, Allison K, Dominick K, Rachel L, Vincent L, Bethany L, Rose M, Madison M, Bryson N, Waverly N, Delaney P, Ellie Q, Lyndsey R, Stephen R, Abby S, Emma Kate S, Madison S, Sarah T, Charlie T, Cameron T, Molly W, Shelby W, Mark Wax, Lavinia W, Ava W, Amanda W, Charlie W, Jakob W

Second 9 Weeks Honor Roll

6th Grade

Erica A, Abigail B, Cameron B, Stephen B, Wren B, Claudia B, Emma C, Ethan C, Jack C, Kathryn C, Madison C, Nick C, Andrew C, Hayden C, Jasmine D, Delanie D, Alexander E, Mercedes F,  Aleida F, Travis G-McG, Nick G, Cayden G, Addie G, Lauren H, James H, Ty H, Dontrell H, Joshua J, Ethan J, Emily K, Matt L, Courtney L, Zachary L, Christopher L- G, Eavan L, Daysha M, Adam M, Elizabeth M, Sarah M, Daniel M, Emily M, Ryan M, Emma M, Jeremiah N, Hailey P, Arianna P, Jordyn P, Mia R, Maddie R, Jack R, Jazmyn R, Gavin R,  Tony S, Heather S, Paul S, Alisa S, Aidan S, Savanna T, Lauren T, Logan T, Hannah V,  Ashton W, Herndon W, Nadia W

7th Grade

Tabitha A, C.J. A, C.J. B, Benny B, Rachel B, Heather B, Cameron B, Jacob B, Elijah B, Eme C, Aidan C, Hunter C, Kaylee C, Lauren D, Patrick D, Ethan D, Aaron E, Haley F, Mason F, Aimee F, Bailey F, Alex G, Casey G, Walker G, Caleb G, Kelly H, Nate H, Conner H, Emerald I, Cassidy J, Mckenzie K, Michael K, Alexis L, Jonathan McC, Marianna McG, Alexa McM, Rusty M, Andrew P, Trey P,  Cless P, Payton P, Braxton P, Austin P, Bailey R, Spencer S, Ethan S, Zach S, Shelia S, Justina S, Mi Zean S, Hannah S, Michael T, Hannah T, Piper U, Shiloh W, Isaiah W, Adam W, Mariana W, Alexis W

8th Grade

Brodie A, Carter A, McKenzie B, Erin B, Kelsey B, Allie B, Ethan B, Zach B, Brennan C, Alexis C, Thomas C, Steven C, Braeden C, Ashley C, Taylor C, Dylan D’A, Sierra D, Ben D, Precious D, Heather D, Michaela D, Liz E, Jonah F, Ethan F, Justin G, Sarah G, Graham G, Kaleigh H, Sarah H, Brendan H, Hannah H, Kaitlyn H, Ryan J, Colby J, Justin J, Madison K, Brock K, Caleb L, James L, Aleksi M, Caleb McCl, JP McL, Chandler M, Ryan M, Elizabeth M, Katelynd M, Hailey N, Kara N, Skylar N, Diego O, Krishan P, Daylon P, Jasmine R, Nelson R, Chris R, Kanesha R, Jacob R, Hannah R, Garrett S, Tiffanie S, Cruz S, Ashley T, Bailey T, Cortland T, Brooklyn T, Nathan T, Michael T, Zach V, Ashley V, Charlie W, Nathan W, Ryker W, Evan W

Mission Statement

At Broad Creek Middle School our mission is to provide a safe, technologically-enriched, 21stcentury learning environment promoting respect and motivating students to learn and act responsibly.  We believe education is the shared responsibility of the student, home, school, and community. 


 Technology Enhancing Academics & Motivation

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Fish Philosophy

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School Hours for Students

Tardy Bell    7:40am


Dismissal    3pm

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BCMS Purple Up Day on Channel 14

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